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Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue Volunteer Entry Process

  1. Turn in the Application and all the required paperwork:
              - Complete application
              - Signed background check releases
              -  Copy of Driver's License
              - 5 Year Driving Abstract from the DMV
              - Copy of HS Diploma, GED, or higher degree
              - any additional training certificates you have
  2. Initial Background Check
               An online seach of your criminal history and address history.
  3. Station Interview
                An interview with 3-5 station officers and members. This lets us get to know you as a person.
  4. In-depth Background Review and Interview   
               A private investigator will review your background and conduct a personal interview
  5. Medical and Drug Screen   
               You will make an appointment with our health care provider to get a fit-for-duty physical and
               be screened for drug use. If it is federally illegal, it can't be in your system.
  6. Paperwork and Insurance
               An appointment with Secretary Anna Davis to complete your initial paperwork and review
               department policies.
  7. Logistics Appointment
              An appointment with Volunteer Coordinator Kirk Meller to be issued uniforms and gear, and be
              familiarized with the department.
  8. Basic Academy
              A three-month hybrid class that will teach you all the basic skills to be a rookie
              firefighter. There is at-home reading, online testing, and in-person hands-on lessons.